About Paragon MMA

Paragon: a model or pattern of excellence or of a particular excellence.

Paragon Mixed Martial Arts represents and supports fighters and up and coming athletes in the sport of mixed martial arts, treating each and every fighter like an individual business. Fighter development is not just about the the next cage fight. It is about developing an athlete, a company, an image and a future. Fight scheduling, purse and sponsor negotiations, finances, media exposure, print, endorsements, and merchandising are just a handful of the services offered by the Paragon MMA Management Team.
- We tailor each management approach to the individual needs of the fighters we represent, allowing our fighters to focus their time and energy on developing a strong mental and physical presence as a professional fighter.
- Fighters with all levels of experience are eligible to be considered for representation by Paragon MMA. We look forward to representing the next generation of championship fighters in the fastest growing sport in the industry.

- Sponsorship opportunities are available on all levels, from our first time fighters to a seasoned ultimate fighter, and in some cases the whole team. We have fighters that compete in local events as well as in nationally televised and pay per view events. We can arrange for an array of one or many different types of sponsorships, from logo placement and product endorsement to television, magazine, radio, and other media exposure. Our objective is to create a strong relationship with the companies that sponsor our fighters and to help build both our fighters and the companies that support them.